Sooo Sweet Design in St. Paul, MN, provides custom sewing, seamstress, and interior design services. To design or sew it, contact us!

Outdoor Blooms Pacific Turquoise Orange Grey Polyester Outdoor Fabric.
Seat Cushions: Sooo Sweet Design.

Pricing is determined by fabric cost + materials cost + labor time. Here's a good guide to help you plan. Prices are for 2016. 

If you need help with materials selection and design, or once you have an idea of what you want, Contact Us. We purchase materials and fabric at lowest discount prices, when possible.

Common Fabric (By Product)

Fabric price varies by weave, detailing, designer brand, and availability. Costs range from .99/yrd to $18/yrd and come in widths of 42, 45, and 54+ inches.

100% cotton prints and solid colors, 100% linen prints and solid colors, 100% silk, polyester, double wide sheer, drapery lining 

Upholsteries / Indoor Cushions and Pillows 

Cotton, damask, poly-cotton blend, poly-suede, tapestry, jaquard, chenille, matelasse, velvet, micro-fiber (suede look-alike), vinyl metallic or textured, faux leather, embroidered, solid colors, clear, faux fur

Upholsteries / Outdoor (Exterior) Cushions and Pillows  

Prints and solid colors suited for exterior wear, jaquard, textaline, heavy coated nylon, Sunbrella

Common Notions

Notions range from $2 to $12 per yard. Remember, piping requires custom fabric wrap unless a solid color is selected and available.


Bullion, ball fringe, tassel fringe, brush fringe, flat braid, multicolored and plain lip cord, 100% silk fringe, upholstery piping


Thumb-sized tassels all the way up to four-foot-long tassels


Zippers, velcro, heavy-duty thread

Upholstery Materials

Custom-made cushions and pillows require the same process as upholstery: often a foam slab plus poly stuffing plus fabric. Optional materials include trims

Foam slabs of 24” x 76”,  ½” [0.14 cents/yrd] to 5” [0.94 cents/yrd] thick, sold per slab or by linear inch

Polyfill stuffing typically sold in 5 pound bags [$5.50/llb]

Feather pillow forms squares of 18” x 18” up to 30” x 30”, 14” x 20”, or a neckroll

Polyester pillow forms squares of 18” x 18” up to 30” x 30”, 12” x 18”, 14” x 20”, or a neckroll

Warm and Natural cotton batting 90” wide, bleached and natural

Polyester batting 90” wide, cut to baby, regular, queen, and king size, or sold by the yard [$5.50/yrd]

Insul-bright lining for projects that require heat resistance

Outdoor fabric for cushions and pillows. Sooo Sweet Design